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Detailed List

Free Web Hosting

Sure it sounds good and it may be all you need but you do sacrifice by choosing free hosting plans.

Shared Web Hosting (MOST COMMON)

Shared hosting means you are paying for a portion of a server and other clients hosting their sites will also be located on the same server.

This is the most commonly chosen type because for the vast majority of sites on the internet this is all they will need.

View the Top Shared Web Hosting Companies

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting plans are high performance plans and usually scalable as your site grows in size.

View the Top Cloud Web Hosting Companies

Reseller Web Hosting

Have you ever wanted to start your own web hosting company, but thought all the logistics would be a nightmare? That is where reseller hosting plans come in. As a reseller you are renting space on a server and you can sell that space in smaller packages to your own clients under your own company name, you handle the billing and they handle all the IT and server management.

View Top Rated Web Hosting Companies offering Reseller plans.

VPS Web Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server is closer to the performance of a dedicated server without the price. Most websites do not require this kind of performance.

View Top Rated VPS Web Hosting Companies

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is exactly what you would expect, you get a dedicated server and IP address(s). If you run a site with high traffic or a lot of videos and media, then you will probably want to look at a dedicated plan.

View Top Rated Dedicated Server Hosts

WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress can be installed on all web hosting plans and types. For a simple blog, you need nothing more than a simple shared hosting plan, when you site grows you can move up to a higher performance plans. As a result of WordPress’ popularity some hosts have started to offer WordPress specific/optimized plans.

View Hosts offering WordPress specific plans

WordPress is by far the most used Content Management System (CMS) on the web with over 16 million sites using the platform as of March 2016 (according to BuiltWith)

eCommerce Hosting

eCommerce is one of the fastest growing niches within the web hosting industry, with more and more people opening their own online store everyday. When it comes to eCommerce there are two main types Hosted Solutions and Self Hosted Solutions.

Hosted eCommerce


Self Hosted eCommerce

Hosted eCommerce Platforms

Hosted Solutions are all in one platforms, where they provide the software and the hosting all in one package, so you can focus on running the store. The most popular companies providing hosted solutions are Shopify and Bigcommerce.

Self Hosted eCommerce Platforms

Self hosting solutions are eCommerce software platforms where you find your own host. The most popular Self Hosted Solution is Magento.

Real Estate Hosting

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