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iPage (visit host) The company is based out of .

They offer shared, WordPress, VPS and dedicated hosting plans.

  • Shared plans starting from $1.99/ month
  • WordPress plans starting from $3.75/ month
  • VPS plans starting from $19.99/ month
  • Dedicated plans starting from $119.99/ month


Customer Review Sites

Site Rating Number of Reviewers Visit Host Visit Site
Web Hosting Geeks  6 / 10  831 reviewers Visit iPage  WHG
Whois Hosting This  8 / 10  427 reviewers Visit iPage  WHT
Host Advice  8.6 / 10  56 reviewers Visit iPage  HA
Totals  7.5 / 10  1,314 reviewers Visit iPage

Best/Top Host Lists

Site Ranking Rating Visit Host Visit Site
Web Hosting Geeks  #2  6 / 10 Visit iPage  WHG
Whois Hosting This  #3  8 / 10 Visit iPage  WHT
Host Advice  #36  8.6 / 10 Visit iPage  HA

Editorial Reviews

Site Rating Visit Host Visit Site
Web Hosting Secret Revealed  5 / 5 Stars Visit iPage  WHSR
Whois Hosting This  4 / 5 Stars Visit iPage  WHT
Shivar Web  3 / 5 Stars Visit iPage  SW

Whois Hosting This – Good 4 / 5 Stars

Claire Broadley rated iPage Good, giving the host 4 out of 5 stars.

Summary: iPage aims to give new hosting users a helping hand with their sites. You get ample resources for a small startup web presence, a good beginner site builder, and the ability to use popular scripts and software like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla! For many users, this is more than enough to get a starter website off the ground, and the VPS and dedicated server plans provide an easy upgrade use once your site get busier. It’s a shame that there isn’t an uptime guarantee, since small businesses could lose money if their business presence goes offline for an extended period. But if you’re happy with its US datacenter locations, iPage offers an attractive price for its beginner packages.

Visit WhoisHostingThis.com

Web Hosting Secret Revealed – Excellent 5 / 5 Stars

Jerry Low rated iPage Hosting Excellent, giving the host 5 out of 5 stars.

Summary: The brand “iPage” took a major revamp and went extremely popular in just two short years. iPage is WHSR’s pick of Best Budget Hosting and one of the top 5 hosting services. Why? What makes iPage different than the rest? Read full review to learn more.

Visit Web Hosting Secrets Revealed

Shivar Web – Average 3 / 5 Stars

Nate Shivar rated iPage 3 out of 5 stars.

Summary: iPage Hosting has great pricing but only mediocre performance. Their custom backend has lots of upsells and clutter.

Visit Shivar Web

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Awards & Accolades

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Features & Addons

  • cPanel – control panel
  • Payment Options

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Plans & Pricing

View our full page on iPage Hosting’s plans and pricing.

Shared Hosting

Plan Storage Bandwidth Price Visit Host
 Unlimited  Unlimited  from $1.99/ month Visit iPage

WordPress Hosting

Plan Storage Bandwidth Price Visit Host
 WP Starter  Unlimited  Unlimited  from $3.75/ month Visit iPage
 WP Essential  Unlimited  Unlimited  from $6.95/ month Visit iPage

VPS Hosting

Plan Storage Bandwidth Price Visit Host
 Basic  40 GB  1 TB  from $19.99/ month Visit iPage
 Business  90 GB  3 TB  from $47.99/ month Visit iPage
 Optimum  120 GB  4 TB  from $79.99/ month Visit iPage

Dedicated Hosting

Plan Storage Bandwidth Price Visit Host
 Startup  500 GB  5 TB  from $119.99/ month Visit iPage
 Professional  1000 GB  10 TB  from $159.99/ month Visit iPage
 Enterprise  1000 GB  15 TB  from $191.99/ month Visit iPage


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    I agree. iPage is good for simple websites. If you are requiring more power and server resources you will need to go with another host.


    Stay away from iPage! Better choices available.


    Simple sites is all iPage is good for. However, they are owned by EIG, so there are better options at this price point.


    If you have a simple site or just starting a blog, this is the price range you should be in. $2 per month. No need to pay more, but as you site grows you’ll definitely want to move hosts, so is it worth starting with them?


    For a starter blog or small website they offer a great introductory price. Most websites do not require much power and performance. For a simple site, like a blog, ipage is a great host to get you started. My only gripe is now they are with EIG. You can find other hosts providing a similar cost to get a beginner webmaster going.

    Phil Johnson

    I used to have sites hosted on iPage, but I can no longer support any hosting company under the Endurance International brand.

    I’ve moved to independent hosts like Siteground and A2 Hosting.

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