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Websites Hosted

According to BuiltWith.com 256,565 websites have been associated with A2 Hosting. Currently they report 87,004 live websites with A2 Hosting and 169,561 websites that have used A2 Hosting in the past.

Websites Hosted
 Live Sites 87,004
 Historical Sites 169,561
 Total Sites 256,565

Data from BuiltWith.com

Business Locations

This is a list of countries where A2 Hosting customers are located.

Country Businesses Hosted
 United States  71,022
 Canada  1,429
 United Kingdom  1,296
 Australia  1,193
 India  810
 Mexico  706
 Italy  559
 Netherlands  274
 New Zealand  205
 Spain  141
 Germany  95
 France  48
 Japan 35
 China  17

Data from BuiltWith.com

Top Level Domains

The following is a breakdown of the domains hosted by A2 Hosting.

Total Domains Hosted: 171,231
TLD Domains Hosted
 .com 140,965
 .org 12,353
 .net 11,709
 .info 2,973
 .us 2,134
 .biz 1,097

Data from Web Hosting Geeks.

A2 Hosting Traffic

Alexa Ranking

  • Global Rank: 11,230
  • Country Rankings
    • United States: 7,159
    • India: 5,258
    • Iran: 6,197
    • Nigeria: 1,542
    • United Kingdom: 9,090

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