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HostGator Vs. BlueHost

HostGator versus BlueHost is a match up of two of the most popular hosts in the world.

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Marshall – California – July 2017

These hosts are very similar. Mostly because they were first independent companies with excellent customer service and reviews, but as each was acquired by Endurance International Group, the service has diminished dramatically. I also believe they loosened their automatic server security in order to up-sell security products, such as SiteLock. I never had security issues with Bluehost or Hostgator before they were acquired, but after the EIG acquisition sites on both hosts were suddenly compromised and at similar times, so then comes the push to setup a SiteLock account. Personally, I have made the decision to host off of Endurance International servers, cause I simply do not trust them. A shame cause these were both great hosts once upon a time, but now I cannot recommend either of them. If I had to choose one of the other I would probably go with Hostgator, but that’s more for sentimental reasons.

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